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Docfully is a company whose main objective is to help Low Income and the Homeless in the greater San Diego area by providing them with access to primary care. We are here to help people who are underserved, with limited resources and unreliable access to care, to receive the care they deserve.

We partner with local Hospitals, to help create bed availability for the hospital by helping with care management of recently discharged patients in a residential setting, lowering their patient costs and provide care to patients so they do not frequently return to the emergency room for care.

DOCFULLY…Where Healthcare Innovation and Affordability Meet.



Hospital have issues around keeping recently discharged patients from returning to the hospital within 30 days?


Hospital reduce patient readmissions by partnering with organizations that can handle a warm handoff of a patient?


Hospital have increased cost in the form of staff time, and equipment being used to manage “frequent flyer” patients?

The Docfully Answer


Hospital Emergency Rooms today are vastly overwhelmed.

The ER is limited in the resources for care due to the number of patients and available beds. Often there will be more patients than beds available. This may result in limited patient care and repeat visitors as patients are treated and released without addressing all of their issues.


Docfully works with the Hospital Administrators to move patients to one of our partnered care facilities. This opens up bed space, allowing ER doctors and nurses to treat more patients. Patients are assigned a Docfully Nurse assistant and a Case manager who will work with the hospital discharge staff. The doctor will communicate with the patient for their follow up exams. Our onsite nurse will take daily care of the patient.


By partnering with Docfully, everyone wins. The patient receives the much-needed care that allows them to recover and heal, thereby reducing their dependency onrepeated visits to the Emergency Room. The Hospital is able to open more ER beds to treat more patients each day in addition to reducing their per patient cost.


In Partnership with Father Joe’s Villages & Downtown San Diego Partnership, Docfully successfully proved how our program of healthcare innovation and affordability can reduce the strain and cost of patient care to hospitals while providing much needed care to patients who need it to return to a normal life.


No. Docfully is a healthcare software company that facilitates off-site patient care by partnering with hospitals and patient care facilities. Our proprietary software allows our nurses and patients’ doctors to communicate and care for patients together.

Patients see their doctors using our propriety software from the comfort of their home or an off-site care facility. Reducing the stress of a doctor’s visit. Saving time and money.

A reduction in the hospital length of stay for Medicare and Medicaid patients. Also a reduction in readmission penalties. Lastly a reduction in the cost of hospital resources such as staff time and equipment

The software will facilitate virtual exams along with easily accessible medical information with an emphasis on privacy and security.

By facilitating a temporary respite environment for patients to recover from hospital discharge as well as provide a nurse assistant to help facilitate care management.

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